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Yoga by the Sea


To a life that feels joyful and a life where the warmth of your own heart shines brightly.


For many years I was on a mission to find and feel happiness at ALL times. I thought that was the ultimate goal. However, in recent years, as I've delved into mindfulness and meditation, my goal has shifted. I now strive to be able to ride the waves of life- to be able to feel peace and to let go in the midst of the tumultuous waves. I've learned that these waves will inevitably come. But they will also recede. Learning to ride out these waves is not always easy of course, but through mindfulness, I have been able to experience this peace more often. I have found ways to arrive back to that sense of equilibrium and to that sense of calm. There were times in my life when anxious feelings would overcome me-and they sometimes still do-but having a strong mindfulness and meditation practice has strengthened my ability to pause in those moments, breathe, and come back to my center. There will be suffering in life. There will be pain. There is grief. Mindfulness will not take the pain of life away but mindfulness will help you return to your light and your center over and over again. The goal is that when faced with difficult emotions, you will be able to feel the emotion and then allow it to pass through you.

I began my educational journey at Louisiana State University graduating with my Bachelor's Degree in Philosophy/ Religious Studies, I continued on to earn my Masters Degree from the University of Connecticut School of Social Work. I've obtained my Mindfulness Facilitator Certification from Copper Beech Institute and have worked with children, adolescents and families for 20 years as a Certified School Social Worker. My hope is that our work together will help you open your heart to a more peaceful life. A life that feels joyful and a life where the warmth of your own heart shines brightly.

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