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Mindful Life Coaching &

Individual Psychotherapy

Everything you need is within you.

Mindful Life Coaching Sessions will help you to discern what practices and routines will bring you back to your center more often. These daily mindful practices will look different for everyone. I will help you find what resonates with you and then implement and integrate more of those moments into your life. These moments strengthen your ability to let go and ride those waves even in life's toughest times.  We will work together to learn mindfulness meditation, relaxation techniques, visualization, guided journaling, and many other tools to help you bring awareness to the present moment.

One on One Individual Psychotherapy Sessions will give you the opportunity to dive a little deeper into your own inner healing. Therapy will allow you the space and support to heal and live abundantly and peacefully.  During our sessions, you will be supported as you give loving attention to the places within you that you desire to heal.  I will teach you strategies to regulate your nervous system so that you can respond to life feeling centered, confident, and aware.  If you have feelings of anxiety, stress, sadness or grief, therapy can be a supportive place to experience these emotions and integrate them into your life without becoming overwhelmed by them.

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